Things I Hope Will Be On The VIZ DVDs

Those little next episode previews!

sailorbaka said: Are you saying this in a “haha she’s fat how funny I like her” kind of way or..? :^/


Dude, I just like her. She shows up in other episodes too. I was legit like wtf upset when she didn’t show up in Crystal.

If she had a name, I’d use it. But I could barely even find a picture of her.

Things I Miss From The Original Anime

#1 The Fat Lady

I couldn’t explain to you why, I just like her.


Full shot of Set 1 of Viz Media’s release of the 90s Sailor Moon anime on DVD/Bluray! According to Viz Media, “It’s super shimmery!” WEEEE!! Can’t wait to have it in my hands this November!!

Again, this is Part 1 of the first season (episodes 1-23). Viz Media will be releasing all 200 episodes (yes, that includes Sailor Stars), the films, and specials!


Again, this is the preorder for Viz Media's rerelease of the ORIGINAL 90s Sailor Moon anime (not Sailor Moon Crystal). This is uncut which means accurate relationships, genders, etc, and the dub cast is brand new! It’s also entirely remastered! (Yay, pretty colors!)

Sailor Moon Crystal First Official Visual Book w/DVD w/Moon Pride